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Danville Mayor Hopes for Gambling Expansion

By Jeff Bossert

Legislation to expand the number of Illinois casinos is back before Governor Pat Quinn.

Senate President John Cullerton had used a parliamentary procedure to hold the bill, but sent to the governor’s desk Tuesday.

But the mayor of Danville, one of the cities expected to benefit, believes Quinn will veto this plan, as he did with a separate measure last August. 

Mayor Scott Eisenhauer said placing the bill before the governor does keep Quinn thinking about the issue as the 98th General Assembly gets under way. 

Meanwhile, Eisenhauer said he is getting familiar with members, especially new lawmakers. 

He plans to spend time in Springfield soon, and explain what the bill would mean to the region and state.

“So that’s really the goal, I think, for the next 30 days, and then I think as this session begins to move forward a little bit more, into March and certainly into April," Eisenhauer said.  "That’s when I think you’ll see the discussions begin to heat up as bills are created and it starts to make its way through the public process.”

Eisenhauer said any gaming bill the governor signs will have to address ethical concerns Quinn had, related to issues like slot machines at race tracks, and the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

But the mayor said he still has high hopes for passing such a bill in the spring session.