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Decatur and Danville Mayors Win New Terms


Decatur and Danville's mayor have each earned new terms.  Decatur Mayor Michael McElroy was re-elected with 47-percent of the vote.  Danville Mayor Scott Eisenhauer will serve a 4th term, after carrying 63-percent of the vote Tuesday night.

With all 59 precincts reporting in Decatur, G.E. Livingston came in second, with 36 percent followed by Patrick McDaniel's 14 percent and Dustin Chapman's 3 percent. 

In his next term, McElroy says he's focused primarily on Decatur's business climate.  He says the intermodal port facility at Archer Daniels Midland can be a 'gamechanger' for the city, with the potential for bringing in other businesses, with the three railroads that connect to the city.

"We've gotten ourselves behind the 8 ball on some issues with labor and business, and I think a lot of that has turned," he said.  "We know we have an issue with employment, and we are doing everything we possibly can to inspire or help bring companies here." 

McElroy also cites the $90-million dredging of Lake Decatur, and upgrades in the downtown area among his success stories of the past few years.

In Danvillle, Mayor Scott Eisenhauer pulled ahead in early voting results, carrying 63 percent of the vote.

Challenger and former Vermilion County Board Chair James "Mouse" McMahon had 37 percent of the vote.