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Danville Mayoral Candidates Look Ahead to April Election


The race for Danville mayor is in the final lap.

With a 14-percent voter turnout at Tuesday night's primary, four candidates will advance to the April 5th general election. They are Vermilion County Board Chairman James McMahon, current Mayor Scott Eisenhauer, Alderman Rickey Williams Jr., and restaurant owner David Quick. Williams, who received the third largest number of votes and ran as a write-in candidate, said he is confident he will walk away with a victory in April.

"We had 300 folks who had to take a special imitative to write me in and that means a lot," Williams said. "I think once you see my name actually listed on the ballot, those numbers are going to change even more significantly."

Mayor Scott Eisenhauer is running for a third term. He ran unopposed in the 2007 primary, and beat his opponent in that year's general election by more than 2,400 votes. Even with more challengers this time around, he said he is optimistic he will retain his seat.

"My fear is that if we are not successful in April in maintaining the mayor's chair, we're going to find ourselves sinking back into the stagnation that we had for a 16-year period prior to our administration coming into office," Eisenhauer said. "That can't happen if this community is going to be successful."

Eisenhauer said moving forward, he wants to focus on projects like reducing section-8 housing, bringing a casino to Danville, and looking at other opportunities to generate revenue.

Vermilion County Board Chairman James McMahon beat Eisenhauer in Tuesday's primary. McMahon said if elected, he will focus on creating opportunities for businesses to grow by lowering the city's debt without raising taxes.

"We can lower taxes once you run government like a business," McMahon said.

The other candidate in the race, David Quick, could not be immediately reached for comment. Truck driver Donald Norand lost out on his mayoral bid Tuesday by receiving the lowest number of votes in the primary.






















































Candidates Primary Votes
James McMahon 1,061
Scott Eisenhauer 956
Rickey Williams Jr. 318
David Quick 282
Donald Nord 19