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Davis, Harold Want More Information About Possible Syria Strike


Washington is considering a possible military strike against Syria for allegedly using chemical weapons. Illinois’ 13th district congressman and his Republican Primary challenger both say President Obama still needs to make his case for military action.

U.S. Rep. Rodney Davis (R-Taylorville) said he does not know much more about the situation in Syria outside of what he’s heard from the news media. The freshman lawmaker said he hopes the president gets Congressional approval before pursuing a military strike.

“I’m not going to be in favor of authorizing approval for a strike or boots on the ground of American soldiers without the president coming to the table and explaining to the world and explaining to America and the constituents I represent why it’s important to engage in that action,” Davis said.

A United Nations inspection team is in Syria looking at the possible use of poisonous gas, but Davis criticizes the U.N. for not starting its investigation sooner.

Meanwhile, Erika Harold of Urbana, who is challenging Davis in the Republican Primary, said she can’t support a military strike either without knowing more information

“When we’re talking about deploying American resources and putting American troops in harm’s way, I think we have to have a very high standard in terms of determining is this the best use of American force and is there an identifiable American objective that can be achieved,” Harold said.

Congressional leaders are expected to be briefed later on Thursday about the situation in Syria.