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DCFS Rescinds Layoff Notices


Illinois’ Department of Children and Family Services announced Thursday that hundreds of employees who had received layoff notices will not lose their jobs after all. Also, troubled families who had been cut off from state services will again be able to access them.

DCFS Director Richard Calica said a $90 million cut to the department’s budget had left him with no choice.

Calica had to layoff workers, and drastically reduce “intact family services” – a program in which caseworkers help families address the underlying conditions that lead them to be reported for child abuse or neglect, keeping the child from having to go into foster care.

“So during September we were working with the families and the workers to make plans for families because we were anticipating laying off staff,” Calica explained.

But now the department is reversing course by rescinding the cuts and layoffs.

Calica said that move will only work if lawmakers come forward with extra funding when the legislative session resumes.

Anders Lindall of the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees said DCFS employees are ``extremely relieved'' that the agency has changed course.