Deb Busey Looks Back On Her Years As Champaign County Administrator

Champaign County Administrator Deb Busey.

Deb Busey in her office at the Champaign County Brookens Center in Urbana.

Jim Meadows/Illinois Public Media

Deb Busey's last day as Champaign County administrator is April 15. Her successor, Rick Snider, an University of Illinois alumnus who's been an administrator for the city of Gallop, New Mexico, starts on April 18. 

Busey is completing 40 years in Champaign County government. She got her start as a legal secretary fo cojunty state's attorney James Burgess. But Busey spent half of her career time in county administration, as county administrator, and before that co-administrator with Denny Inman. It was an unusual arrangement.

In an interview with Illinois Public Media's Jim Meadows, Busey looks back on her career, Busey starting with how she and Inman --- then deputy administrators --- proposed themselves as tandem co-administrators in 1998, after the retirement of the previous county administrator, Jacquie White.

Story source: WILL