Decatur Filmmaker Seeks Extras For Short Film


There is a demonstration scheduled for Sunday, June 30, outside the Macon County Courthouse in Decatur. But it is not for a cause, but rather a movie.

Decatur filmmaker Hugh Sullivan is hoping to repeat the success of his winning entry in last year’s “21 Film Project” Short Film Contest. The conest is sponsored by the Land of Lincoln Credit Union, with winners announced at the Decatur Celebration in August.

Sullivan's entry last year was a spoof of paranormal reality TV shows entitled "Chupacabra Country." The film won awards for Best Picture and Best Direction and had a cast of five.

For this year’s contest entry, Sullivan hopes to get a crowd together for his courthouse demonstration scene.

"I’m looking for more extras for sure," said Sullivan. "I’ve got a lot of people sharing it on Facebook and saying that they’re in. I don’t have a count yet of people who are 100 percent in. But I’m hoping that there’ll be 50-plus people out there."

Sullivan is asking extras to work for free, adding tha thte whole production is "just for fun".

Sullivan's entry in last year's "21 Film Project" Sullivan’s new production is to be called “The Masked Loiterer."

Anyone wanting to volunteer as an extra in the movie should show up outside the Macon County Courthouse in Decatur Sunday at 2:30 PM.  There is more information on Sullivan’s Facebook Page, at “Hugh Sullivan Productions.”

Story source: WILL