Decatur Rehab Center Ordered To Pay Back Wages

May 13, 2014

The U.S. Department of Labor says a Decatur rehabilitation center has paid $67,000 in back wages after failing to properly compensate employees for overtime.

An investigation found that Lincoln Rehabilitation Center violated federal law by failing to pay employees for all hours worked and by improperly exempting some employees from overtime requirements.
Federal law requires that employers pay nonexempt employees at least the federal minimum wage plus time-and-a-half for any weekly hours beyond 40. Employers also must maintain accurate time and payroll records.
The Labor Department says 138 employees received back wages.
Lincoln Rehabilitation Center is a 140-bed nursing home managed by Skokie-based YAM Management, which also manages 19 other Illinois nursing home facilities.
YAM attorney Fred Frankel says the company has adopted self-audit measures to prevent future underpayments.

Story source: AP