Decatur’s Salvation Army Considers Creating Family Shelter


The Salvation Army is exploring the prospect of creating a family shelter in Decatur.

The facility would be separate from the city's existing Salvation Army building, located at 229 W. Main Street. Major Robert Gauthier, who works at the Decatur office, said planning for the project is still in the very early stages.

"Well, we have to do a feasibility study, and then determine whether or not we can raise the money needed, not only to build a facility but also to operate it," Gauthier explained.

This week, Decatur's Salvation Army dedicated a new room to its existing building that is an extra 11,880 square feet. It will be used as a space for community groups and emergency housing following a catastrophe. Gauthier said in the past, the center's gym was used for emergency assistance, but he said it didn't really provide enough space.

"If for some reason (the Emergency Management Agency) would be affected by the disaster, then of course the Salvation Army would be available to them," Gauthier said. "It would also give us a place to feed people who may be displaced from their homes, as well as house people."

The Salvation Army has provided service in the city for nearly 125 years.

Story source: WILL