Delay Granted on Concealed Carry Mandate


Illinois will have an extra 30 days to approve a concealed carry law. The 7th Circuit Court granted a delay request on Tuesday from Attorney General Lisa Madigan.

Madigan argued the Illinois constitution gives a governor 60 days to review and act on legislation.

The previous federal deadline of June 9 would have given Gov. Pat Quinn only nine days to act on a measure lawmakers passed. That plan allows carrying of concealed weapons with certain exceptions. 

Illinois is the only state that prohibits concealed carry.

Meanwhile, Quinn will not say if he will sign the measure that lawmakers approved last week.

The Chicago Democrat told reporters Tuesday that he is reviewing the bill. 

Illinois is the last state in the nation to prohibit the concealed carry of guns, but a federal appeals court ruled it unconstitutional and gave lawmakers until Saturday to come up with a solution. The deadline now stands at July 9.

The plan lawmakers sent Quinn said guns are prohibited in schools and taverns, but they can be kept in cars.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio