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Ebola Patient Being Treated At Nebraska Hospital Has Died


Dr. Martin Salia, an Ebola patient who was flown to a Nebraska hospital for treatment, has died.  Salia was working as a general surgeon at a hospital in Sierra Leone.

Last Monday, despite the fact that he was not working with Ebola patients, he was diagnosed with the virus.

Over the weekend, Salia, 44, arrived at the Nebraska Medical Center, which has successfully treated other Ebola patients.

He was described as "possibly sicker than the first patients successfully treated in the United States."

Nowatzke said Salia died Monday morning.

As we've told you:

"Last month, Dallas nurse Nina Pham — who became infected with Ebola after treating Liberian patient Thomas Eric Duncan — was declared Ebola-free and discharged from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention facility in Bethesda, Md. Days later, fellow nurse Amber Vinson, who also contracted the disease after treating Duncan, was released from Emory University in Atlanta.

"Duncan died from the disease on Oct. 8.

"Last week, Dr. Craig Spencer of New York, who was diagnosed with Ebola in Guinea, was also declared free of the disease and released."