Executive: United Health Switch Won’t Impact Rates


An executive with United Healthcare says it’s offering plans for retirees using Medicare Advantage enabling Champaign-area residents keep their physicians from Carle Foundation Hospital and Clinic.

Frank Mancuso is Regional Vice President of United, and is based in Chicago.

United Healthcare is one of four options for those retirees, after the state removed Urbana-based Health Alliance from its provider network for Medicare Advantage retirees – on a technicality.

Mancuso said even though United is outside Carle’s provider network, he says this will not impact rates:

“We will reimburse the out-of-network physicians at the Medicare-allowable rates," he said.  "Our members who choose our plan in terms of going in network and out of network – there’s no differential in the cost, the out of pocket cost to the retiree – if they choose our plan.  So we’re really trying to make that as seamless as possible.”

Mancuso said he expects United personnel will be part of state-sponsored seminars to help retirees choose new providers.  

Those on Medicare Advantage have until December 13th to choose a new plan.

United Healthcare has served several parts of the state, but not Champaign County.

Story source: WILL