Feds: Presence Covenant Hospital Violated Medicare Law


Urbana’s Presence Covenant Medical Center says it has taken the necessary steps to continue receiving Medicare payments for inpatient emergency care. 

A spokeswoman for the hospital said it ha taken corrective action after the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid services said Presence had violated federal law. 

After an April 16 survey, CMS said the violation was ‘based on a failure to accept an individual who required the hospital’s specialized capabilities and for failing to have and enforce policies that ensure compliance with related requirements to the Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act.'

Frequently called the ‘anti-dumping law,’ the measure requires hospitals that accept Medicare patients to provide emergency care, regardless of their ability to pay. 

"A hospital that violates these provisions is subject to termination of its provider agreement," said CMS spokeswoman Elizabeth Surgener, who said the hospital will have to comply by July 30 in order to receive federal payments, and that an unannounced follow-up survey would be conducted.

Presence Covenant spokeswoman Crystal Senesac issued a statement as well, saying Illinois’ Department of Public Health conducted a follow-up survey at the hospital Tuesday. 

"We have a high degree of confidence that the POC (plan of correction) addresses the process gap relating to the issue focused on by IDPH, and we fully anticipate continuing our Medicare status in effect," she said.

Story source: WILL