Few Public Housing Options In Illinois


There are a growing number of low income families who need affordable housing in Illinois. But the amount of affordable housing available to them through the state’s public housing authorities is shrinking.

As of now, there are about 77,000 residents waiting for housing, according to a new survey by CU-CitizenAccess. 

For the past three months, CU-CitizenAccess has examined affordable housing in Illinois by surveying 108 of the state’s city and county housing authorities - excluding Chicago and Cicero.

The survey specifically looked at waiting lists for public housing and housing vouchers, or Section 8 vouchers. 

Among the results, about three out of every four housing authorities that issue vouchers have closed voucher waiting lists. Fourteen of 108 public housing authorities do not have any vouchers, or waiting lists open for public housing. That means countless low-income residents not only wait for housing assistance, but also wait to get on waiting lists that often are closed.

Story source: CU-CitizenAccess