Flu Cases Up in Champaign County

Story by Jeff Bossert

The administrator of Champaign-Urbana’s Public Health District says more people than usual are dealing with the flu this winter.

But Julie Pryde says many others may not realize they have an unrelated illness.  Pryde says there’s often confusion between the flu, and common respiratory problems.

“So when you get the fever and the chills and stuff, call your doctor, and find out if you need antiviral,” he said.  “They can test you to see if it actually is flu.  Flu is not a stomach problem, it is not a stomach problem.  It’s not vomiting and diarrhea. That is usually a neurovirus or something else going around in the community.  It’s gastroenteritis. It is not flu.”

Pryde says others are dealing with strep throat, the common cold, and recently, whooping cough.

The public health district handled 20 cases of whooping cought in Mahomet and one in Champaign the last two months, but none currently.  Most of those cases were in children.

Pryde says flu vaccines are still readily available, and even those who receive them still need about two weeks to build up immunity.

The shots are still offered at Champaign-Urbana Public Health, as well as a number of grocery and drug stores.

Story source: WILL