Former Catlin Mayor Chad Hays Endorsed by Black for 104th House Seat


When he announced last week that he wouldn't run for another term as state representative, Bill Black (R - Danville) predicted a front-runner would emerge quickly in the race to succeed him in the 104th House District. On Wednesday, Black made it clear who he thinks the front-runner should be, by endorsing the former mayor of Catlin, Chad Hays.

At a news conference in Catlin kicking off the Hays campaign, Bill Black said Chad Hays had earned his unqualified endorsement. He told a crowd of supporters and schoolchildren that Hays had "a proven record", and was "a hard worker, an honest man who would not let Springfield change that". Black's introduction of Hays was greeted with applause from the gathering assembled in the bleachers at the Catlin Recreation Complex's football and track field. Hays co-chaired the committee that led efforts to build the Complex. Construction of the all-weather track with the help of volunteers earned Catlin a Governor's Home Town Award in 2003.

When it came his turn to speak, Hays pointed to his leadership role on the committee that oversaw construction of the complex as one of his qualifications for the legislature. He says if elected to the Illinois House, he'll be a hard worker and a consensus builder. Hays, who served two terms as mayor of Catlin in the 1990s, says Illinois faces serious problems, "but we must have the courage to reinvent Illinois as a place that is ready and open for business". He continued, "We must invite and encourage a new generation of leadership. We must embrace the change and articulate a vision for the future, that ensures that all parts of this state get a fair shake and an equal opportunity."

Hays is vice-president of Development and Mission Services at Provena United Samaritans Medical Center in Danville. He describes himself as a fiscal conservative, pro-life, pro-2nd Amendment, but ready to consider a casino for Danville, if it brings jobs to the area.

Former State Senator Judith Myers also endorsed Hays at the news conference.

Chad Hays is the first to announce his candidacy for the 104th District seat in the Illinois House. Vermilion County Recorder of Deeds Barb Young has also been mentioned as a possible Republican contender.

Story source: AP