Gill Tries to Clarify Relationship with DCCC


Democratic 13th District Congressional Candidate David Gill wants to clarify his relationship with the party’s Congressional Campaign Committee. There was some confusion stemming from a question in Wednesday’s night’s debate with opponent Rodney Davis in Normal.  

Gill said he is not legally allowed to coordinate with the Democratic Party, even though commercials have aired on TV as funded by the DCCC. He said he has received "grassroots support" from the DCCC.  He added that his relationship with the committee has changed since March.

“Obviously, it’s changed substantially given that they were trying to defeat me up until March 20,” Gill said. “Now, they would like to see me win”

Gill left a conference call coordinated by his campaign early while an unnamed staffer cited an obscure loophole in campaign funding as a ‘non-independent expenditure,’ which allows for soft money contributions. 

Gill and Davis face Independent John Hartman in next month’s election.

The three 13th district candidates will debate one another on WILL-TV and AM 580 on November 1st at 7 p.m.

Story source: WILL