GOP Seniors Voice Support For Pres. Trump

A recent meeting of the Champaign County Active Senior Republicsns in Champaign.

Members of the Champaign County Active Senior Republicans listen to Savoy village president candidate Joan Dykstra.

Jim Meadows / Illinois Public Media

President Donald Trump has his critics. But he had plenty of supporters among those attending the February meeting of the Champaign County Active Senior Republicans.

About 60 people attended the Monday, Feb. 6 meeting at the Champaign Public Library, where the focus was mostly on state and local politics. State Representative Chad Hays of Catlin spoke to the gathering, and his talk focused on problems Republicans have with Democratic House Speaker Michael Madigan.

But when it came to national politics, several of those attending the meeting said they like just about everything about the new president. Those include 69-year-old Rex Bradfield.

“He has taken the United States and commenced to run it like a business and has commenced to run it like a business, where he puts the best people he can into each department,” said Bradfield, who is running for mayor of Urbana.

Some of the seniors had reservations as they voiced their support for the president.

“I wish someone would rein him in”, said Dale Elliott of President Trump. “I think he’s right about many, many things. But he’s going about it in a rather bull in the china shop sort of way. I think he’s no more arrogant and self-centered than Barack Obama was. It’s just that Obama was much more cool about it.”

Elliott says he thinks most of Trump’s cabinet appointments have been “unbelievably good,” including his nomination of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary.

Active Senior Republicans President Judy Stevens says Donald Trump may make some uncomfortable. But she says Trump’s populist approach (which she compared to 19th century Democrat Andew Jackson) appeals many who feel let down by both the Democratic and Republican parties.

“And a number of different groups have finally decided, enough. And that’s why they went for him, not because they liked him, but because they might have a voice here,” said Stevens. “And I think they’re getting it.”

Stevens says there’s probably a range of feeling about President Trump among the members of the Champaign County Active Senior Republicans. But she thinks they’re basically pleased with his performance, “because the alternative was unthinkable.”

Story source: WILL