Governor Signs CPR/AED Training Bill in Normal

June 05, 2014

High school students across Illinois will be trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and use of automated external defibrillators (AED) in their health education classes this fall, under terms of legislation signed by Governor Pat Quinn in Normal on Thursday.

In front of hundreds of firefighters at the annual Associated Fire Fighters of Illinois meeting, Quinn signed House Bill 3724, named after high school student Lauren Laman. She who died waiting for an ambulance because her classmates did not know how to use an AED.

Some school administrators are worried about how the mandate will be funded, but Quinn says that will work itself out.

"I think this is something that it's just common sense", said Quinn "People all over our state understand that taking a few minutes in the course of a class year at a high school is a very important way to help students learn to work together for something important that will make a difference for the rest of their lives."

CPR and AED training will be part of health classes in all high schools in Illinois. Students may opt out of the training if their parents submit a written objection.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio