Holderfield Moving Ahead with Circuit Clerk Candidacy


A candidate for Champaign County Circuit Clerk said she doesn't want to sue the County Clerk's office over its decision to count the votes in favor of her opponent in last week's Republican primary.

Election results show Stephanie Holderfield lost to Rick Winkel by 245 votes, even though Winkel withdrew his candidacy in early February. Speaking Monday with her attorney, Mark Hewitt, by her side, Holderfield said votes cast for Winkel should not be counted since he dropped out of the race.

"I hope to move forward in a positive manner as a Republican in Champaign County," Holderfield said. "I think it's very important that everyone understand that we may have some hiccups in the road but it's how we come through those hiccups, those bumps that make us better for it."

In cases where a candidate drops out of a race, the Illinois State Board of Elections has said votes for that candidate should be ignored. That recommendation is binding for state races, but only advisory on local elections.

The Champaign County Republican Party said a weighted vote will be conducted by precinct committeemen to determine a nominee, which could happen sometime in the next month. Holderfield said she is confident she will get the support needed to head to the General Election in November.

Winkel has said he will formally withdraw as a candidate after the ballots are certified

Story source: WILL