House Votes To Block Legislator Pay Raise

July 28, 2015

Amid Illinois' ongoing budget battle, there was a rare moment of bipartisanship Tuesday. Members of the Illinois House have voted to block a pay raise for themselves.

Lawmakers are scheduled to get an automatic pay hike this year, and Gov. Bruce Raunse has been relentlessly criticizing Democrats for not voting to block it.

House Speaker Michael Madigan — after recently refusing to talk about it — sponsored the legislation to prevent the pay raise. But he says it's still just another of Rauner's "diversionary" issue.

"I think it's fair to say that we are involved in what will be viewed as an historic struggle between two branches of government, when the No. 1 issue facing the state is a budget deficit," he said.

Madigan again called on Rauner to drop his pro-business, anti-union agenda and instead negotiate on the budget.

As for the pay raise -- it'll still take effect unless the Senate also votes to block it.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio