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Hulten Throws Hat Into The Ring For County Executive


The Champaign County Clerk is running for a brand new county-wide office. 

Republican Gordy Hulten announced Tuesday that he is running for the Champaign County Executive post. The first executive will be elected in November, 2018.

Hulten says he’s ready for a new challenge in running the day-to-day services of county government. He wants to find cost savings, promote economic growth in places like Rantoul and Homer and push for non-partisan county board districts.

The county board is proposing a $117,000 annual salary for the job, and Hulten feels that is appropriate. “I think it’s appropriate because of the scope of the office and I think it’s appropriate because the county executive, as least as I envision it, will be a driver of cost savings in Champaign County," Hulten said.

Hulten added that if elected he would rely on current professional staff to help him. “Certainly I intend to have professional staff assisting me with day-to-day operations in Champaign County," he commented.

One Democrat is also running for county executive. Darlene Kloeppel announced her candidacy last week.