Illinois Delegation Votes to End Government Shutdown

October 17, 2013

The lone member of Illinois' congressional delegation to vote against raising the nation's borrowing limit says he couldn't support the legislation because it ignores the nation's "massive debt.''

Eighteen members of the Illinois delegation voted Wednesday for the measure ending the partial government shutdown. But Winfield Republican Congressman Randy Hultgren was the only vote against the bill. Chicago Democrat Bobby Rush didn't vote because he's on leave.
Hultgren said he wasn't elected to "stand by while we sacrifice our children's future for short-term political gain.''

The vote ended the 16-day partial shutdown after lawmakers. The votes came hours before a national default. 

A majority of Republicans in the Senate supported the bill including Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk. About two-thirds of Republicans in the House opposed it.

Republican Congressmen Rodney Davis and John Shimkus both voted in favor of the funding measure.

In a statement, Davis said he was hoping cooler heads would prevail and the two parties would come together, saying a government shutdown was unacceptable. 

"Today is no reason to celebrate, because Congress finally did what we were sent to Washington to do - govern," he said.  "By forming a budget conference committee, we can begin discussions with the Senate to find a long-term solution to our nation's fiscal crisis and finally begin to pay down our national debt."

"In addition to the problems with Obamacare, I am deeply concerned about our nation's long-term fiscal situation," said Shimkus, in a statement of his own.  "I am very hopeful that the budget conference committee, which is part of the overall agreement, will be successful in addressing the mandatory spending issues we face."

Story source: AP