Illinois Senate Approves Bill to Limit Dog Tethering


The Illinois Senate has approved limits on how people let their dogs out. The legislation would specify the length cord owners could use tying their dogs up outside. Brian Mackey has more.

The animals would have to be kept on a rope or light chain that's at least 10 feet long.

The sponsor of the legislation is State Sen. Linda Holmes (D-Aurora). She said the measure is meant to promote the humane treatment of animals.

"This is basically for the welfare of keeping the animal healthy," Holmes said." And it also has a psychological benefit: animals don't do well that are kept tethered on short leashes. They become aggressive."

Holmes acknowledged people with smaller lots might have a hard time using such a long tether, but she suggested they can always put their dogs on a leash and go for a walk.

The measure passed the Senate 43-9, but still has to get through one more vote in the Illinois House.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio