Jay Selected as County Bd Republican Caucus Chair


Nine-year Champaign County Board member John Jay of Mahomet is the new chair of the county board's Republican Caucus.

Jay was unanimously chosen Thursday night to replace Alan Nudo (Dis 3-Champaign), following his unexpected resignation from the county board over the weekend, when he also withdrew from a state senate race. Jay said he just hopes to continue what Nudo started, and strengthen ties on the other side of the aisle.

"We've got some really serious issues facing us as a board," he said. "They're not Republican or Democrat issues. They're county issues. and we're going to have to address those - the (Champaign County) Nursing Home being one, and the (Champaign County) Jail being another one. So I hope we can come to some resolve on those issues."

The caucus also learned Thursday it will have to fill another county board seat in District 3. Brad Jones of Champaign has served since he was appointed in 2006, but stepped down Thursday night because of the time demands of a job he's taken with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency.

Jay says he and fellow Republicans did all they could convince Nudo to finish his board term. Jay said the two resignations feel like 'losing two wheels on your vehicle at once.'

'Both of those men were leaders, they were both really good with numbers,' he said. "This is a number game, trying to keep our head above water. They're both going to be missed very, very much."

Champaign County Clerk Gordy Hulten said both District 3 vacancies could be filled by first-time Republican candidates. Both Jeff Kibler and Don Kermath are pursuing seats in the re-drawn district 5 next fall, but could be appointed to the county board as soon as next month since they live in the current district 3.

Story source: WILL