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Killeen Says U of I Exploring Ways To Streamline Administration

University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen

Undated photo of University of Illinois President Timothy Killeen. (University of Illinois)

University of Illinois President Tim Killeen says growth needs to come with “efficiency and effectiveness”. So he says measures are being taken to streamline the university administration, even as enrollment increases.

During a visit Wednesday to the Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Killeen said he’s heeding Governor Bruce Rauner’s call for less bureaucracy in higher education.

“We’re looking hard at the administrative functions, to make sure that we’re not doing duplicative work,” said Killeen. “We’re looking at shared services. If you can centralize something, sometimes it’s better to do it. So we’re taking a sophisticated look at our business model.”

Killeen made his comments to host Todd Gleason on Illinois Public Media’s Closing Market Report, which broadcast live from the Farm Progress Show on Wednesday.

Last month on the Closing Market Report, Governor Bruce Rauner repeated his campaign pledge to increase funding for higher education, in exchange for a more streamlined administration at state universities.

WILL/Illinois Public Media is licensed to and operated by the University of Illinois. Closing Market Report host Todd Gleason works for the U of I Extension.