Legislators Set To Give Tax Breaks ... But Not Yet, ADM

November 06, 2013

 State legislators are advancing a measure that attempts to lure chemical plant jobs to Illinois, but broader plans to offer companies like ADM incentives are not ready just yet. 

Archer Daniels Midland is the highest-profile case of a company looking for a tax break from the state, in exchange for creating jobs. In ADM's case, the company is looking to move its global headquarters from Decatur to maybe Chicago, maybe a city in another state.

But it's not the only company that wants a deal. For example, legislators are considering making an offer that a merging Office Max/Office Depot could weigh against a package from Florida.

"We're going to make some decisions on some things and we're going to keep some things under consideration, so stay tuned," said Rep. John Bradley, D- Marion, the chair of the House Revenue committee.

It looks like ADM is one of the items that will be left "under consideration." Legislators haven't openly debated its situation.

But the House is poised to approve a plan for a different company. It would give about $5 million dollars to Univar, a chemical distribution firm that would move from 

Story source: Illinois Public Radio