Libertarian Chad Grimm Challenges Quinn & Rauner For Governor

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Chad Grimm.

Gubernatorial candidate for governor Chad Grimm speaks at a Libertarian Party function.

(Courtesy Chad Grimm for Governor campaign)

Libertarian gubernatorial candidate Chad Grimm wants you to know that he’s not a spoiler.

Grimm is a 33-year-old health club owner from Peoria who used to be a Republican. But he says the Libertarians have better ideas. And he denies GOP charges that Democrats are secretly supporting him so he’ll take votes away from their candidate, Bruce Rauner.

Grimm’s campaign received a $30,000 contribution from Local 150 of the International Union of Operating Engineers, which made a much bigger contribution to --- and also endorsed --- Governor Pat Quinn. The Illinois Republican Party charges the contribution is evidence of support from those who want Grimm’s campaign to take votes away from Bruce Rauner. Grimm says the union wanted to recognize a candidate that its Republican-leaning members might feel comfortable voting for.

Grimm's running mate is Dr. Alex "AJ" Cummings of West Peoria, a physician and medical instructor.

Grimm talks with Illinois Public Media's Jim Meadows.

Story source: WILL