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Lincoln Home Remains Closed Amid Government Shutdown


Brian Mackey/WUIS

The Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield remains closed to the public as the partial federal government shutdown nears its second full week. There are two sites in Illinois affected by the closures -- the other is the Pullman National Monument in Chicago. The National Park Service runs both.

At the Lincoln Home National Historic Site in Springfield, only a sign at the visitor’s center door alerts people of the shutdown. 

Scott Dahl, executive director for the Springfield Convention & Visitors Bureau said the group now plans to alert visitors through their website and social media. “We just want to be sure our visitors know that not all the sites are shut down—that this affects one site and one visitor’s center."  

There are  15 other sites and attractions around Springfield that are still open seven days a week, Dahl said. Most of those sites, like Lincoln’s Tomb, are state-operated. And until the shutdown is resolved, Dahl said he hopes tourists from out of town still visit and explore other Lincoln-related locations. 

According to Dahl, not as many tourists are affected in January.  “Fortunately, we’re in the winter, so we’re in the offseason. The amount of visitors that we have are much fewer than in the spring or summer. So the impact is less," he said. 

The Lincoln home draws more than just local residents—many are international tourists who want to get a glimpse into the late president’s life. 

The Springfield Convention and Visitor's Bureau website has more information on local attractions.