Lincoln Tomb Closes For Repairs


Abraham Lincoln's tomb in Springfield is slated to close for renovations starting in October.

The city's Convention and Visitor's Bureau said the renovations will take place on the underground part of the monument, usually open to the public. It is not certain yet when renovations will begin, but the bureau has stopped scheduling tours from October until April.

The Illinois Historic Preservation Agency's Chris Wills said there's about $700,000 worth of work to be done:
"For instance because of water seepage over the years, some of the paint in the tomb has begun to peel, and so that needs to be fixed," Wills said.

The state is covering the cost of the repairs. The tomb, at the Oak Ridge Cemetery on Springfield's north-west side, is the resting place of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln, and three of their four children.

Wills said the hope is for the tomb to be reopened in time for the anniversary of Lincoln's birthday on Feb. 12, 2014.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio