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Veterans To Protest Champaign County Fair


The head of a veterans group says members plan to protest the Champaign County Fair that begins Friday.

Marty Poling is commander of the Champaign chapter of the Disabled American Veterans. He says the DAV lost its biggest fundraiser when the fair committee took control of beer sales.

Poling says his group ran the beer tent for decades until the fair cut ties in February. 

“They turned around and threw a paper down on the desk in front of us and said ‘By the way, you’ve been evicted from the fair. We don’t need you there anymore.’" Poling said. "And that’s why we’re out there. You don’t run over veterans, especially disabled veterans like this. It takes away our main funding and you can't justify that in any way.”

Polling is also calling on people to boycott beer sales at the fair.