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Longtime County Board Democrats Won’t Run in 2010


The names of Steve Beckett and Barb Wysocki won't appear on Champaign County ballots next year. It's a move that could change the slight 15-12 advantage that Democrats hold on the County Board. The two Democrats both say the time is right, with a lot of building projects that they were part of having been completed. For Beckett, that includes the restoring of the county courthouse clock and bell tower. But he says it's been a frustrating time on the County Board, and that it's 'unwieldy' and too large. Beckett says it needs a diverse representation, but with less than its current 27 members.

He says there are also too many instances in which members of one political party aren't free to express their mind. "Because they go into a caucus..' says Beckett. "...and a majority of them think one way on a particular issue, means that the people that were in the minority on that issue within the party caucus has to surrender their views and vote the way the party thinks they ought to vote. I don't believe in that. I just don't think it's right." Beckett says he and Wysocki both became outcasts as the result of some caucus votes.

Wysocki says she agrees the county board should be reduced from 27 to about 18 members. She's hoping the Board will make an effort to merge the Champaign-Urbana Public Health Board with the County Board of Health, saying services aren't currently being provided in an efficient manner. Neither Beckett or Wysocki have suggested anyone to succeed them in County Board District 9.