Madigan To Rauner: You’re Making ‘False Statements’


Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan says Gov. Bruce Rauner is making “false statements” about the speaker’s position on selling a state building in Chicago.

On Tuesday, Rauner repeatedly declined opportunities to refute Madigan’s allegations.

Madigan says two things happened at about the same time on Monday: his staff had a “productive “ meeting with the Rauner administration on selling the Thompson Center. And Rauner went before cameras to accuse the speaker of holding up his plan to sell the Thompson Center.

In an open letter, Madigan told Rauner it was "disingenuous of you and beneath your office to make such false statements.”

Madigan also told Rauner that members of his administration were still working out details over zoning and CTA stations in the building.

Asked about the letter, Rauner would not say whether Madigan’s assertions were true or false. Instead, he once again accused Madigan of blocking his agenda.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio