Marches Planned To Protest Trump Administration’s Immigration Policies

Logo for Rockford Children's March

Logo for Rockford Children's March

Courtesy Sara Dorner

People across the nation plan to take to the streets June 30 to protest recent immigration policies that separate families crossing the southwest border of the United States. That includes marches in at least five Illinois cities.

Rockford activist Sara Dorner says she was so angry that children were being separated from their parents at the U.S. border that she contacted the White House, her senators, her representative — and it still wasn’t enough.

So Dorner organized The Rockford Children’s March, to condemn the administration’s treatment of immigrant families, and demand that asylum be restored for victims of domestic and gang violence. She also wants the president and Congress to stop pointing fingers and do something.

“If Trump can offer to pardon Rod Blagojevich, he can pardon these families!” she half-joked, referring to the former Illinois governor who has approached President Trump about having his corruption sentence commuted.   

Dorner says even though many feel helpless when they see pictures of children crying for their parents in immigration detention centers, they can make a difference by marching June 30th and voting in November. “It’s never too late,” she said. “Even if you weren’t engaged before, you can get engaged now! If ever there’s an issue to bring you out, this should be it.”

Hundreds of people have already pledged to take part in the march from Rockford City Hall to the Federal Courthouse. There are also June 30 marches planned in Chicago, Downer’s Grove, Frankfort, and Barrington in conjunction with national protests.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio