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Massive Storm Tests Champaign Flood Control Efforts


Champaign has been working for several years to improve water drainage around the city. Saturday’s massive storm tested just how effective those changes were.

Champaign got roughly 4 to 6 inches of rain in just a few short hours. This is the worst rainfall on record for the city since 1993.

The city began major flood control projects on John Street, West Washington Street and Boneyard Creek that flows along 2nd Street in 2010.

Assistant City Engineer Eleanor Blackmon said their upgrades helped during the storm.

“Whatever storm we design for, we’re always at risk for something larger. So, we never say we solved the flooding problem, we alleviate them,” said Blackmon.

While it’s normal to see some flooding during such heavy rainfall, Blackmon said there’s still room for improvement.

Several neighborhoods around the city are hoping to see these improvements in the near future.