Music Documentary Preview: ‘Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt Me’

Big Star in the early 1970's

The Memphis pop band Big Star (composed at one point of, from left to right, Andy Hummel, Jody Stephens, Chris Bell and Alex Chilton) would eventually be acknowledged as a significant force among purveyors of power-pop — though not until years after the group's demise.


Founded in Memphis in 1971, the band Big Star never found its way into the mainstream, and its original group did just three albums. 

Three of the four original band members have died, including frontman Alex Chilton, who was already famous by age 16, having performed the hit ‘The Letter’ with the Box Tops. 

Despite an obscure history, many well-known pop bands list Big Star among their top influences, and critics often rank their albums among the best in rock history.

A new documentary: ‘Big Star:  Nothing Can Hurt Me.” sheds some light on that brief history – and attempts to make some new fans.   The film screens July 15 and 17 at the Music Box Theater in Chicago, is available on demand, and through ITunes.

Jeff Bossert talks with director Drew DeNicola on his original intent of the film, and the project it turned into.

Story source: WILL