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New Bill For Illinois Minimum Wage Hike In The Works


A revamped statewide minimum wage hike is in the works, following Chicago's passage of one for the city. 

Backers of a higher minimum wage are doing what they can to get it through the General Assembly.

That means phasing it in over a longer period of time --- so it would go up to $9 in July, instead of $10, then notch up each summer by 50 cents, until it reaches $11 in 2019.

They're also adding on a tax credit for small businesses, to ease the cost of paying workers more.

Sen. Kim Lightford is the plan's sponsor.

"We're trying to find a balance to allow for a wage increase, to support business community, and to keep the city of Chicago thriving", said the Maywood Democrat.

The latest version allows Chicago to keep its just-passed $13-an-hour wage hike, but no more.

And all other communities would be prevented from requiring a minimum wage higher than the state's.