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New Hyatt Place Hotel Opens In Downtown Champaign


The new Hyatt Place hotel in downtown Champaign opened its doors today.

The 145-room Hyatt Place hotel is the first to operate in the downtown Champaign area since the early 1990s.

It’s 9 stories high with a parking deck adjacent to the hotel rooms.

President of Visit Champaign County, Jayne DeLuce said the hotel adds to the downtown community. She said visitors have the convenience of being so close to local attractions. 

“Now you can see the changing landscape for the downtown area as well as for our campus town. So, I think people are truly getting the sense that while we are taking on big city amenities, we’re still that small town where a lot of business is done here and a lot of fun happens here,” said DeLuce.

According to Visit Champaign County, the Hyatt Place is the 4th largest hotel in the county based on the number of guest rooms.