New Water Use Restrictions Begin Thursday in Decatur, 2 Suburbs


Falling water levels at Lake Decatur are bringing additional limits on water usage starting Thursday (July 9th) in Decatur, Mount Zion and Long Creek. The only exemptions are for residents who draw their water from private wells.

The new rules ban everything from watering lawns to water fountains, except for drinking fountains. Decatur residents may water their home food gardens, but only on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, using a bucket holding five gallons or less. Car washing, already banned at home, is now banned at commercial car washes and auto dealers. The city of Decatur's bulk water station is now closed --- and residents are directed to try other bulk water stations in the area.

Decatur, Mount Zion and Long Creek issued their first, voluntary curbs on water use three weeks ago, followed by the first stage of mandatory limits last week.

The drop in Lake Decatur's water level has forced the closure of all city and park district boat ramps, except for the one at Nelson Park. And Decatur officials say that may have to close next week --- if lake levels continue to fall at their current rate.

Story source: WILL