Outpouring Of Signatures For Change In Redistricting Process


A measure to change Illinois’ constitution affecting how legislative districts are drawn is one step closer to making it onto the November ballot.  The Independent Maps campaign has raised more than 580,000 signatures in support of the proposal, twice the number required.  

Dennis FitzSimons is with Independent Maps. He says he expects a legal challenge from politicians who use the current redistricting system to stay in power.

“We’re prepared to go to the Supreme Court. Our legal team has been involved since the beginning. They’re prepared to defend the amendment because they’re the ones who wrote it. That was not the case last time around.”

FitzSimons says the outpouring of signatures is an indication that Illinois voters want the redistricting process to change.

A familiar name in Chicago politics is criticizing the redistricting process. Bill Daley is the son and brother of the long-time Chicago mayors. He is involved in the Independent Maps campaign to change how legislative districts are drawn in the state.  

The campaign has collected so many voters’ signatures to get the proposal on the November ballot, it needs a truck to deliver them to the board of elections in Springfield.  

Bill Daley says politicians in power are opposed to the plan, so that truck better be careful.

“I think you ought to get a decoy truck if you want to know the truth. So I wouldn’t be so open about how we get are going to get these petitions, cause over the years I’ve been around strange things happen with petitions that look like they’re going to make a change in the world of Chicago or state politics.”

The measure is likely to face a legal challenge in court before November.

Story source: Illinois Public Radio