Peoria Area Relative Remembers Slain U.S. Ambassador


A Peoria-area musician is remembering former U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, who died this week as protestors stormed and burned the U-S Consulate in Libya.

David Commanday, who is with the Heartland Festival Orchestra, was Stevens’ step-brother. Commanday said Stevens was a remarkable man, who had a strong commitment to peace.

“One of the comments that really struck me was his ability to be in a room and respond sympathetically to both Palestinians and Israelis at the same time, in the same room," Commanday said. "He was such a genuine man, and I’m really proud that we have people like Chris representing us.”

Commanday said he is grateful his step brother and all those in the military and diplomatic service have committed to making the world a better place, even though they’re paying a real and personal cost.

Meanwhile, there is no word on arrests in Libya related to the attack that claimed Stevens’ life, along with three other Americans.

Story source: WILL