Police Report Paints a Tragic Picture of Victim


The Vermilion County state's attorney has released the extensive state police report into the shooting death of a medical student after a chase.

The 320 page binder includes interviews with police officers who responded to the chase, which ended on I-74 near Oakwood April 6th with the death of 23 year old Toto Kaiyewu. State's attorney Randy Brinegar also released 34 discs including surveillance video of Kaiyewu buying a machete at a Walmart in southern Illinois - he had threatened police with a machete before he was killed.

Psychiatric records in the report suggest that Kaiyewu had been treated for several disorders and had reported feeling paranoid and having hallucinations two months before the incident - he had been sent by his medical school to Carbondale to re-take several failed courses, and he was dismissed from the school earlier this year.

Kaiyewu's parents have questioned why their son was stopped by police and later shot, and they have said he did not display any emotional problems. Abby and Victor Kaiyewu have not returned a phone call seeking comment, and their attorney would not comment.

Story source: AP