Police To Students: Call 911 Without Fear


U of I and area police want to remind students a life is more important than a drinking ticket. 

Medical amnesty is a new law designed to protect people who call 911 if someone needs emergency care due to possible illegal activity.

The amnesty is for the person calling 911 and stays until police arrive, and the person who needs help.

U of I Police spokesperson Pat Wade said if the police show up to an emergency and they see underage drinking or minor drug use, they won’t make arrests.

"Our officers are not going to be focused on writing under-age drinking tickets. They are going to be focused on getting assistance to the person who needs it—whatever that may be," Wade said.

Wade urged people to call 911 without fear. He added the police want to help the person in distress, not bust under-age drinkers.

Story source: WILL