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Quinn Approves Legislative Redistricting Map


Illinois Governor Pat Quinn gave his approval on Friday to new lines for state legislative districts that stay in place for the next decade.

Despite his opportunity to tweak and change the map, the Governor chose not to make any changes. Instead, Quinn thanked his Democratic colleagues for crafting the new districts.

"For the first time, the people of Illinois have been able to participate in public hearings and have their voices heard in drawing their legislative districts," he said in a statement. "I would like to commend lawmakers for significantly increasing openness and transparency in the remap process."

The drafting of new boundaries for the state House and Senate is notoriously partisan and this year was no exception. Democrats were at the helm the whole time, steering the map through to the end.

It is essentially the battleground for next year's election, giving Democrats homefield advantage and putting the GOP in a bind.

The map that is now law pairs almost a dozen incumbent Republicans in the same districts, making their reelection bids that much tougher.

Quinn's signature isn't likely the end of the legal process for this map. Republicans have been posturing since it was first unveiled and may challenge it in court. They have contended it doesn't do enough to protect minority voting rights.