Quinn Backs Term Limits For Constitutional Officers


A proposal for term limits for Illinois constitutional officers received the support of Republican gubernatorial candidate Bruce Rauner yesterday (Wednesday). Now, Governor Pat Quinn says he supports the plan.

Republican leaders from the state House and Senate have proposed an amendment (SJRCA 0069) to the Illinois Constitution that would limit officers such as governor, treasurer and comptroller to two terms, including partial terms lasting more than two years. If it were already enacted, the proposal would prevent Quinn from running this year for a 2nd full term in office, because of the partial term he served when Rod Blagojevich was impeached.  

In a statement issued Thursday, Quinn says he's backed term limits for years. However, when asked about the issue last year, Quinn wouldn't commit to a term limit for himself. 

In a statement on Wednesday, Rauner voiced his own support for the proposed amendment, and called it "the perfect complement to our initiative for legislative term limits".

Story source: WILL