Rauner Open To Suggestions On When To Impose Death Penalty

May 15, 2018
Governor Bruce Rauner at a facility for II-VI EpiWorks, a maker of semi-conductors.

Governor Bruce Rauner's comments came at a ribbon cutting ceremony for an expanded facility for II-VI EpiWorks, a maker of semi-conductors.

Daniel Baker/Illinois Public Media

Governor Bruce Rauner proposed bringing back the death penalty in an amendatory veto of a gun bill, calling for its use in just two types of homicide. However, he says he’s also open to other suggestions for the use of capital punishment. 

Under his proposal, people who kill law enforcement officers or commit mass murders may be eligible for the death penalty — provided they’re found guilty beyond all doubt, not just a reasonable doubt. 

He says since making his proposal, the news media has asked him about other crimes that could receive the death penalty. 

“Some members of the media said well what about this type of person, or that type of crime. And I’m open to considering those possibilities," said Rauner.

The governor's proposal is part of an amendatory veto of House Bill 1468 requiring waiting periods for buying assault-style weapons. 

It also calls for expanding that waiting period to cover all gun purchases--and for adding a ban on bump stocks, which are used to make semi-automatic rifles function like fully automatic ones. 

The governor made his comments in Champaign on Tuesday, following a ribbon cutting ceremony for an expanded facility for II-VI EpiWorks, a maker of semi-conductors. 

Former Illinois Governor Pat Quinn had signed a bill in 2011 abolishing the death penalty in Illinois. Before that, Governor George Ryan declared a moratorium on Illinois' death penalty in 2000. 

Story source: WILL