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Redistricting Reform Advocate Discusses Amendment

An Interview with Michael Kolec of Yes For Independent Maps

Under the Illinois Constitution, it’s the four state legislative leaders who choose members of the commission that draws state legislative district boundaries every ten years.  But a reform group wants voters to approve a new process they say is less politicized.

The constitutional amendment promoted by “Yes For Independent Maps” would have the Illinois auditor general oversee selection of a pool of 100 candidates for the redistricting commission. The legislative leaders could eliminate some candidates, but only choose four of them to the 11-member commission. The rest would be chosen by lottery. And there would be more rules mandating political and geographic diversity, and restricting past --- and future --- political activity.

“Yes for Independent Maps” is gathering signatures to put their proposal on the November ballot in Illinois as a state constitutional amendment. The group’s campaign manager, Michael Kolenc talked with Illinois Public Media’s Jim Meadows.