Rep. Davis: Not Witness to Alleged Violation


Republican Congressman Rodney Davis of Taylorville maintains he did nothing wrong by not cooperating with the Office of Congressional Ethics about campaign finance violations allegedly committed by a fellow Congressman.

The ethics office said Davis was the contact between several Political Action Committees and Peoria Republican Aaron Schock, who’s accused of soliciting a large donation for a super PAC to help fellow Republican Adam Kinzinger’s re-election bid. The request was reportedly five times more than the legal limit for that type of contribution.

Davis denies any wrongdoing, saying he couldn’t have provided the Office of Congressional Ethics with useful information, but he said he intends to cooperate if the probe continues.

“I wasn’t witness to anything regarding an alleged violation, or the alleged violation that is being put forth on somebody else, not me," Davis said. "Again, I was not a member of Congress at the time, and I look forward to working with the House Ethics Committee if they decide to pursue this against Congressman Schock or any others.”

Congressman Schock, who is mulling over a gubernatorial run, maintains his innocence. No charges have been filed.

Story source: WILL