Report: Ind. House Members Split On Same-Sex Marriage

January 26, 2014

A report says only 38 Indiana House members say they'll vote for a proposed constitutional amendment against same-sex marriage and 38 say they'll vote against it.

The Indianapolis Star reported the deadlock Sunday. It says 13 other representatives were undecided and 11 refused to say.
The measure needs 51 votes to win approval in the 100-member House. If it passes there and in the Indiana Senate, it will go before Indiana voters in November.
Indiana law already bans same-sex marriage, but backers of the proposed amendment say it's needed to ensure the courts don't throw out the law.
Amendment supporter Curt Smith of the Indiana Family Institute says the breakdown of support and opposition is consistent with what he's hearing.
The House approved the proposed amendment 70-26 in 2011.

Story source: AP