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Report: Tobacco Sale Violations In Illinois Higher Than Most States


National figures released this week by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Administration show violations by retailers selling tobacco products to minors were at an all-time low last year.

However, according to the report, Illinois has the fourth largest percentage of violations. Sue Hofer is with the Illinois Liquor Commission, which oversees the state’s tobacco enforcement program.

“One of the things that we’re working on is doing a better job of training clerks to actually look at the age on the driver’s license rather than just assume because someone has one and shows it that they are of age,” Hofer said.

A U.S. Surgeon General's report last year found more needs to be done to prevent young people from using tobacco, including stricter smoking bans and higher taxes on tobacco products.

Illinois already prohibits smoking in restaurants, bars and other public indoor places, and it also recently banned the sale of e-cigarette to teenagers.